Tips & Hints for Renting a Studio Space!

Tips & Hints for Renting a Studio Space!

The predominant gain of shooting in a studio is of the direction the capability to govern and shape the best of light. Shooting underneath studio lights also has the best facet impact of creating quite a whole lot any camera capable of rendering sharp, properly particular pictures. All of this control and nice comes at a rate, normally a reasonably hefty fee, so studio space rental in Singapore is a tremendous manner to gain experience without the financial pain of buying your own equipment. Studio rentals can be a surprisingly proper fee with a half day consultation costing as low as £50-60*, not horrific for one of the first-class pictures investments you can make.

Whilst finding a studio need to be exceedingly clean (commonly it best calls for an easy Internet search), there are some things to be aware of before making a booking:

         Rates – Rates can vary substantially from studio to studio however so can the amount of time covered, so it’s really worth double checking specifically while charges are listed via fractions of a day.

         Size – Studios are available in a range of sizes and again this could have a touching on rent charges, traditionally larger spaces are higher as they provide an extra array of creative options.

         Hidden Charges – Beware of hidden charges, examples include using consumables together with backdrop paper and parking which could make a big difference in phrases of overall condominium cost.

         Overtime – Most studios will price a top rate for overtime and it’s important to be privy to these before booking. Plan your shoot cautiously to avoid any overruns and nasty surprises.

         Equipment Hire – Whilst maximum studios encompass equipment lease in the total price, some Read More ...


Inflador de Globos Manual y Electrico

Cada vez que tenemos que inflar una gran cantidad de globos, nos ponemos a pensar en que otras formas hay para ayudarnos en esta tarea.

Hoy les presentaremos dos alternativas para ayudar en la tarea de inflar globos para decorar nuestras fiestas.

Inflador Manual de globos

este inflador requiere la acción humana pero es una excelente herramienta para ayudarnos a inflar grandes cantidades de globos para nuestra fiesta de cumpleaños, hay de diferentes calidades te recomendamos comprar uno de buena calidad, te dejamos un link de un gran inflador de globos manual

Inflador eléctrico de globos

Esta alternativa es mucho mas efectiva para inflar cantidades grandes, pero realmente grande de globos, los hay de diferentes calidades y capacidades, en te dejo el link de un inflador de globos electrico de 2 boquillas que es de excelente calidad, estos pueden durar años dependiendo del uso que le demos.… Read More ...